Anonymous Attacks MPAA, RIAA, DOJ, BMI, & HADOPI

Anonymous, the rogue group responsible for some of the most, if not expansive, blunt online activist movement of all time is well underway in proving to major corporations and government agencies around the world that they are here to stay – in more ways than one.

Techland, a Time magazine division, is reporting this evening that Anonymous has successfully shut down the Department of Justice website, ( – Ooops!), and fellow NERD site, Gizmodo, was one of the first to spot Anonymous’ earlier expressive tweets of victory.

TANGO DOWN! – U.S. Government Website DOWN! – AnonDaily – Twitter

The Anonymous group was not done. They have managed to mingle themselves in the Universal Music Groups website, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), the U.S. Copyright Office, music publishing and licencing group, BMI, and French copyright enforcement agency HADOPI.

Most of these websites are back on their feet, but it would appear the two hardest hit were the DOJ site and the Universal Music Group. It would appear that a Russian news service, according to Gizmodo, is claiming that this is the most expansive series of DDoS attacks ever seen in history. Gizmodo has also reported the most recent word from an Anonymous entity:

Danzu: STOP EVERYTHING, who are we DoSing right now?

We don’t condone the use of hacking of any kind, but call it what you may, hackers, activist, hacktivist, online terrorism, in any case, this truly is a perplexed unprecedented event of our time. One of which I believe will be in history books to come.

What’s next? Blackout SOPA & IPA? Erase any trace of it ever known on any computer/server worldwide? You never know!

Steve Ahmad is a writer dedicated in bringing you every angle of every story in the most transparent way . Meet the Nerd Reactor Team

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  • http://Website Anonymous

    They did it for the lulz

    • Steve Ahmad

      Indeed! In other news, I can not spellz! LOL

  • http://Website Carol

    One problem with this reporting . . . The Department of Justice’s website isn’t, it’s If you try to access, as referenced in this article, indeed you can’t get there. But the real site,, is up and working.

    • http://Website Carol

      Thanks for fixing it!

      • Steve Ahmad

        No problem. Thank you!

      • John Spartan

        No problem Carol.

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  • anonymous

    the problem is not anonymous they are doing something everyone else is to afraid to do. we must stand up to the corrupt government and show them that no matter what it is the people that call the shots here the government must be stopped. they have already used innocent african americans as test subjects with them knowing and even killed them and they are trying to take away our right to speech so what do you do when the goverment attacks innocent civilians we attack government officials with protest hacks and other things and if they dont listen then what will happen i’ll tell you what will happen we the people will rise up in arms and take back america what is now freedom is not we much fight for real freedom so that the four fathers of this country will not be in vein we are the people we have the control we must keep this government in balance we need someone that is not a big government official someone that thinks about others before themself for a president not someone that thinks my whole family is rich now i’ll lower their taxes. people we must take charge and show these evil tyrant money grubbing controlling people what we can do and who is really in controll so stand show them who is boss we the people have the responsibility to take back this country

    from: anonymous

    • Ghost

      ‘Controll’ also, a bit pro-anarchist here, I’m all good and dandy for a little upset of status quo, but this is full on rebellion and war. ‘take up arms’ I don’t even live in America. This would affect the rest of the damn world you moron, think about cause and effect before you say lets go copy syria.

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