Groupon CEO Uses Comic Book Example

While I was eating dinner with my family, I caught something on 60 Minutes that put a smile to my face. I usually don’t watch 60 Minutes, but my folks had it on and I’m glad that they did. They were doing a story on Groupon and its CEO.

Lesley Stahl was grilling CEO Andrew Mason about some of the criticism that his company has faced and the way he answered these criticism by sending out an internal email; which got leaked to the public. Once it got leaked, people saw Andrew Mason as thin-skinned.

Andrew Mason’s reply to the questions asked by Ms. Stahl was a gem. He compared his company to one of my favorite comic book heroes. Mr. Mason said, “We’re like Wolverine and our skin has been melted off, and we’ve had Adamantium fused onto our bones.”

This took Lesley Stahl by surprise. She said in reply, “I’m not sure what that means.” As a comic book fan, I can help you with that Ms. Stahl. First of all, Wolverine is a near indestructible mutant in the X-Men comic books. And when he says, “…our skin has been melted off” he means that they have been through many adversities with all the criticisms; and “had adamantium fused onto our bones” means that they have become stronger with all these issues and will continue to move forward.

Who thought that watching 60 Minutes would have a gem like this? I, for sure, didn’t. But thank you for that little nugget, Mr. Mason.

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