CES 2012 – Thrustmaster Gaming Product Preview

Passion, quality, and innovation is what Thrustmaster builds their reputation on. From what I saw at CES 2012, those qualities sound about right. Founded in 1992, Thrustmaster has gone well beyond the call of what gamers expect in hardware products. With 20 years of experience, the know-how and technological expertise, those three values are hitting the bulls-eye, almost every time.

The Hotas Warthog, their fleet joystick pack, is quite the piece of hardware. Authorized by the U.S. Air Force, and a 1:1 replica, this joystick bundle will for sure get your afterburners going! Weighing over 13.2lbs, including over 30 programmable buttons, and having the feel of the real thing, the Hotas Warthog will spark any enthusiasts dreams of becoming a pilot. I am not going to lie, when I had my hands on this, it was daunting to feel the real thing. Heavy, sturdy, and immersed with buttons, this joystick bundle will be the last you will ever buy!

The Ferrari – an iconic piece of wonder all in its own. So, why not have a 1:1 complete replica of the Ferrari F1 2011 racing wheel at your fingertips? The Ferrar F1 Integra T500 is a full size replica with scratched-brushed metal facing, rubber-textured wheel, 25 action buttons (25!), and brake, gas, and shift pedal included. This beast will handle both PC and PS3 integration. When I was approached to try this wheel out I thought, “Oh, just another racing wheel – no biggie”. I was deeply mistaken. This wheel relies on a magnetic belt drive that delivers flawless resistance and tough turning on those curves. Cutting to the chase, I made a fool of myself on demonstration and am thanking my lucky blessings that this was just an arcade version and not the real car!

Keeping with their realistic hardware for game enthusiast, the last thing that was showcased was the TH8 RS. Let me put it plain and simple. This is a gearbox. As real as it is going to get and as customizable as ever. In fact, we were told that soon users will be able to out to a auto parts store, pick up whatever knob they like, and simply attach it to the assembly. So for those street racers, you can now take the shifting knob out of your pimped out ride, throw it on this gearbox, and practice safe racing on the PC or PS3 without ever worrying about those real-life problems.

The next time you think you are going to buy a racing wheel, pedals, or joystick then think about Thrustmaster. They make the products that really work and get the enthusiast going. And don’t forget, Thrustmaster also makes many more models and an array of products that range from the Nintendo DS, the Wii Fit, and a list of accessories that any gamer would love to have. Check them out here.

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