CES: Hands On with the GAEMS G155 – Making Consoles Portable

For hardcore console gamers, it’s a tough life to have to get away from their love (consoles) when going out and about. Sure they can play handheld devices, but it isn’t the same as playing console games. Enter Project GAEMS (Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Systems). Introducing the GAEMS G155, it’s built for console gamers who want the ability to play games when and where they want.

The G155 looks similar to a suitcase (or to me the case from MW3 when you call an air strike) that houses your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 game console. Inside is also a 17″ HDTV with built-in HDMI connection. The only thing that it doesn’t come with is the wall outlet.

The GAEMS G155 is great for gamers on the go and is easy to carry around, until you can find a power source. The built-in monitor has a resolution of 1080p. You have the option of changing the brightness preferences and having surround sound from the built-in speakers that are built in the case.

Spending 20-30 minutes playing Modern Warfare 3 gives you a nice appreciation for the G155. The design already has the 360 and PS3 designs in mind and fits around that to help avoid overheating. The case is sturdy enough to be dropped at about 2 feet, and the inside would still be well protected with no damage to the screen and console.

The G155 is carried by multiple online shops like Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop and Amazon, but if you wanted to take a look at it in person, your local Microsoft Store has these babies in stock. They even have a special bundle available for a limited time. MSRP for the case is $299.99, and if you buy it with a 250GB Xbox 360 bundle at the Microsoft Store, you can pick up both for $499. It’s $100 off normal MSRP if you bought both together.

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Do you really need this product?

Yes, the G155 is great for people who are always out and want to get some gaming in. While it’s obvious that it’s heavier than your handheld devices, you can take it anywhere and play for hours without needing to find a TV to run your console. Casual gamers can also benefit from this too.


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