Anime LA 2012 Con Report: Cosplaying as Scorpion, Videos and Reminiscing About Tentacle Monsters

Thanks to our buddy JR, he has captured what Anime LA 2012 is all about, sans hotel room parties at night. Check out the video below and see all the crazy and sexy cosplay outfits during the convention at the LAX Marriott.

For Anime LA, I decided to cosplay as Scorpion from MK9, as you can see at the 7:48 mark. The outfit was created by cosplayer Hanzo, who was featured in our Cosplay Scorpion Highlight.

The tricky thing about the outfit was trying to get it fitted (Hanzo is in better shape than I am) and wearing contacts for the first time. In the end, the outfit was a hit at the con and everybody came up to me saying how awesome the outfit was (thanks Hanzo!). The funny thing was that the majority of them commented on my contacts instead of the actual outfit. Maybe next time I should just be “Contact Man.”

Going to ALA 2012 was my first time since 2009. I did have fond memories back then when I dressed up as a tentacle monster dancing to Flo Rida/Timbaland’s “Elevator” song. Wow, has it been that long? Check out the music video below of me as tentacle monster pursuing the ladies.

Anime LA 09 – Fun in the Elevator

When going to these anime conventions, it’s funny to see how anime isn’t the main focus anymore. We have panels featuring Star Wars fan films, cosplayers from video games and sci-fi/fantasy movies, and friends just hanging out.

For me, Anime LA is all about the nightlife. The nightlife at an anime convention? Yeah, that’s the main reason why I came to Anime LA. Drinking, cosplaying and partying. That’s the good thing about having a convention at a hotel, you can have a 24/7 experience all within walking distance. That’s what I didn’t like about Anime Expo or San Diego Comic-Con, everything is so far away. I did hear that at ALA, there was a guy that got kicked out of the hotel for harassing a female member at a party.

What do you mean beer can get you drunk?

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