Steelseries at CES 2012, DOTA 2!

As the title so enthusiastically suggests, yes, Steelseries has fully secured the contract with Valve and DOTA 2 as the official peripheral provider. So far this only includes a mousepad, but it is highly hinted that they plan to take this contract much further in terms of peripherals, tournaments, and exclusives.

Although this seems like the biggest announcement, Steelseries has hidden quite a bit of goodies for CES and is showcasing them with some serious enthusiasm from not just us or them, but the entire gaming community.

Lets kick this off with something completely new, the Ion controller. This is an 8-button, d-pad and two joystick controller. Small, compact, and bluetooth enabled, the Ion is extremely easy to setup and is not only compatible with Windows, but android systems as well. Steelseries is showing us that they are not ignoring the tablet revolution and want us to fully embrace change with great new peripherals.

Steelseries is also introducing the new Kana line. A mouse that was voted on and created in large part with their community. You voiced what you wanted in a mouse, and Steelseries has delivered with a vengeance. Available in two colors at launch, White and the voted favorite black and orange, it has 6 buttons and a tournament grade laser that makes this one of most impressive entry grade mouse of CES 2012.

Also in the new mouse category are the Kinvu v2 regular and tournament edition.

Lightweight, durable, and precise. Simplistic in nature and down to basics, this is the mouse for anybody that isn’t interested in extras.

With a familiar addition to its headset family, the Siberia V2 frost blue headset includes something that fans have been demanding, intergrated LEDs in the earcups. With the same great design and sound quality, this is a great improvement to it’s current V2 Model.

Also demoed to us is the brand new Flux headset. These are collapsible, customizable, and compatible with mobile devices as well. They feature audio jacks on both ear cups, meaning that a second person can listen in what you are listening to by plugging in a pair of their own headphones into the flux. The cups can rotate 90 degrees and rest very comfortable on the neck. Great for travel, and on-the-go gaming. Steelseries is also allowing the customization of the cup plates with more information to be announced soon.

Plenty of new products, a great licence, and award-winning peripherals, we are extremely excited to see how well these do in the market after the convention. Some of these items including the flux will not be release until Q2 but knowing Steelseries, we will see information emerge constantly on both their forums and at future conventions and tournaments.

For more information visit and check out our continuing coverage of CES 2012.

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