John Cena Will Be Appearing on a Box of Fruity Pebbles

I’m sure The Rock is having a big laugh over this one.

Just announced today, WWE superstar John Cena will be promoting with Post Cereals and will be appearing on a box of Fruity Pebbles for a limited time. Fans can enter to win VIP tickets to a WWE event where they will meet John Cena himself. Second Prize winners will receive an exclusive promotional T-Shirt.

Following the announcement, John Cena released an official statement on

“It is truly an honor to team up with Post Fruity Pebbles. After all, who doesn’t dream of being on a cereal box one day? I am proud that the partnership also spreads awareness about the life-changing wishes granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and ‘be a STAR’s’ anti-bullying message of showing tolerance and respect.”

What really makes this promotion hilarious is that The Rock has been using the name of the cereal to make fun of John Cena for weeks. Claiming that John Cena’s attire makes him look like a “Big Fat Bowl of Fruity Pebbles!” In some way, I believe The Rock is the one mainly responsible for this new partnership.

Following the announcement, The Rock tweeted this:

I assume my royalty check for this is in the mail. #YoureWelcomeJohn

The promotion boxes of Fruity Pebbles should be available on store shelves now. To enter, look inside the specially marked boxes featuring Cena for a special code to submit on

Source: WWE

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