15th-Anniversary Diablo Site Crawls Out of Hell – Diablo 3 ‘Almost Done’

It is a very special occasion when a Blizzard game is released, because, well, they take their sweet time to make their games as good as they possibly can be. I’m okay with that. It means that I know that when I sit down to play, I can expect an extraordinary experience. Based on the fact that a new 15th-anniversary Diablo site has popped up on the net, I think that experience is heading our way very soon.

At the website, you can find a few interviews, an extensive Diablo retrospective in video form, a timeline, and a nostalgic look back at the other games in the series.

Diablo fans, it is almost time. Check out the website here.

And console gamers, don’t forget that Blizzard is hard at work, trying to bring Diablo 3 to you as well.

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