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Zen studios has been top notch with all of their Marvel DLC so far, and this new pack is no exception. Instead of their normal one table downloads, Zen has thrown together 4 (YES 4!) new Marvel tables to tantalize our visual taste buds. The new tables are Thor, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and X-Men.


The X-Men table was my favorite out of the 4. You face off against Magneto in attempt to stop his devious plans. Other villains you are pitted against include Juggernaut and Blob. Even the Phoenix shows up. Once you’ve united your team, you are able to take on Magneto, which can be a pain sometimes as he uses his abilities to stop your ball at random. I like the overall look and setup of the table.



The Thor table is easily the most colorful of the new tables. Initially looking at the table, it has a lot going on, or at least it feels that way. One cool feature, is that when you unlock missions, your ball takes the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard, literally. Thor faces off with The Destroyer, Loki and a Frost Giant. This table has the most ramps compared to the rest, giving you quite a bit of options.


Ghost Rider

This was my least favorite of the 4 tables. It feels a bit small and compressed; I don’t get the feeling of variety at all. Visually, the colors are a bit bland, nothing vibrant here. Some cool features include making point wagers with Lucifer and an epic battle between Ghost Rider and Zadkiel. Another cool feature is that there is a giant shotgun the comes out every now and then, with which you can use to  At first, the music for this table was gritty and I liked it. But then it got old quick, as it was a cover of Marilyn Manson’s, Beautiful People.


Moon Knight

Finally we have Moon Knight, a lesser known Marvel character that has some similarities to that of Batman. This table was my second favorite; everything about it has a comic book feeling. One cool feature is that the glow of the moonlight affects the ball. Also if you’re good enough, there’s a small FPS mini-game that lets you shoot targets to rack up points. Another nice tidbit, is the funny banter between the moon god Khonshu and Moon Knight.

Overall, Zen Studios has delivered nothing less than top notch yet again. Except this time, you get way more for way less. The Vengeance and Virtue Pack is currently available on PSN for $9.99 and XBL Marketplace for 800 MS points. Do yourself a favor and get this.


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