144 Kills in MW3 Destroys Any Credibility the Title Had Left

It’s no secret that the latest Call of Duty blockbuster was regurgitated from the ashes of Modern Warfare 2. I even remember on my hands-on demo, seeing the exact same background used in MW2’s Spec-Ops Mode. With the Prestige Tokens Glitch and Elite just now getting to a somewhat usable state, I think it’s pretty safe to say that MW3 has had a pretty rocky launch.

Recently, a new video has come out that shows just how broken the game is. Not only does it show a player setting the world record for Most M.O.A.B Killstreaks For A Single Player (3), it also shows Most Kills In A Round For One Player (144), Most M.O.A.B Killstreak Rewards For A Team (7) and Fastest M.O.A.B Ever (roughly 48 seconds).

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Doesn’t that just make you puke in your soup? Many fans are calling for the ban of the infamous gamer and I don’t see why. Sure, his tactics were cheap, but you can’t hate the gamer. HATE THE GAME! Spawn camping kills are nothing new to the CoD Universe and still nothing has yet to be done about it. You’d think they’d at least improve it. This is nothing but proof that Call of Duty needs a massive overhaul of the game’s infrastructure.

We’ll keep you posted if anything happens to our Notorious Camper

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