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A couple days ago LG & Intel announced they were teaming up to release a new breed of LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs. Intel WiDi is an instant wireless stream from mobile devices, including smartphones, netbook/netpads, and laptops, without the use of a typical HDMI cable or WiFi stream. The Intel WiDi establishes a connection through the WiFi chip port, but does not need active WiFi for the direct sharing/streaming. AMAZING!

So how does this compare with an “internet ready” television set or Google TV? Simply put, you do not need WiFi to access your database that houses countless hours of digital media. Where it would be almost impossible to get the HD viewing display format or all of your content on an internet ready/Google TV, this takes a completely different approach giving the user more choice on what they want to view on their television and from what source it’s coming from. For example, if you only pay for a mobile service plan that gives you 4G access, and have a tethering, jailbroken or rooted smartphone/netpad along with it, and had no other WiFi service, now you can stream or share with no WiFi plan on this TV directly from any one of these capable devices! Do you download tons of media legally or illegally and want that HD quality displayed on your television with guarantee and effortlessness of no USB, HDMI, or WiFi? Now you can! Expect this to hit the markets sometime next year. Pure genius.

Source: LG

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