Ubisoft’s ‘I Am Alive’ Proves That It Is, with a Trailer

I Am Alive, the game that had trouble with people believing that it was telling the truth, has finally proven that it is alive, with a brand new in-game trailer. The game’s protagonist gives us some survival tips, one of which is that we’re going to need a gas mask. The trailer lets out that the city/world has a giant dust cloud covering it, as he explains that you can go above the dust cloud for fresh air.

If Ubisoft somehow balances the survival aspects well, I can see this as an interesting game that keeps you on your toes, just barely surviving, reluctantly co-operating with others, and searching everywhere for useful items.

I Am Alive is scheduled for release sometime this winter as a downloadable title for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the new trailer below:

Via: VG247

Ryan Southard

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