Kojima’s ‘Project Ogre’ Returns with a Pic – See-Through Clothes Included

If you will recall, Kojima showed us a little bit of footage earlier this year of the so-called, “Project Ogre”. It is supposedly different from his past projects, but everything I’m seeing reminds me of Metal Gear. The earlier footage showed a tropical forest with various animals, and a boy and his dog.

This new picture reveals something even closer to the Metal Gear Solid series: a military vehicle and a soldier walking alongside it. However, this soldier appears to not be wearing a helmet, and why does it look like he’s sneaking rather than confidently walking next to this vehicle? Oh, Kojima, you’re such a tease.

As if that weren’t titillating enough, there’s more. Kojima tweeted another pic of two nurses whose clothes are transparent. Kojima said (possibly jokingly):
“One of the key features about ‘FOX Engine’, here’s the transparent technique. See-thru underwear.”

The two ladies may just have been created by some artists with a little too much time on their hands, or perhaps they’ll show up in a future Kojima Productions game.

I’ve included the full-resolution picture of “Project Ogre” in the gallery below so you can see all of the details. Please save it to view the whole resolution.

Source: Kojima
Via: VG247

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