Final Fantasy XIII-2 Receives a Perfect Score with Famitsu

Final Fantasy XIII received a score of 39/40 from Famitsu and sold well in its first few weeks overall. The game had many complaints and Famitsu stood by their score. Square Enix admitted to some problems the game had. In a surprise announcement earlier this year, it announced that the sequel, FF XIII-2, was already in production and was set to ship at the end of the year in Japan.

Fast forward today and the game is almost out in Japan in eight days. Famitsu scores are in and the game got a perfect 40/40. Only one other Final Fantasy game has ever gotten a perfect score, that being Final Fantasy XII.

A Game Plus mode has been added, allowing extra unlockable items, interaction-action sequences during battle, and special unlocked items for people who have a XIII save.

While the game comes out December 15th in Japan (PS Vita also comes out in Japan on the same day), U.S.  fans will see the game on January 31st and in Europe on February 3rd.

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