An Xbox Case Mod to Shame Others

This is the¬†pinnacle¬†of case modding I’ve ever seen. It’s a fully functioning R/C and an Xbox 360 combined. I did not see any build pics on this yet but from the looks of the video, everything looks to be in working order. Words like beautiful, amazing, alluring, nerdgasmic, and helluva great job can’t even begin to describe this…this…masterpiece.

Okay that’s enough of the superlatives. The creator of this goes by the name of Mark Bongo and he works/owns Major League Mods. Take a guess at what they mainly do. He created a fully operational R/C Xbox 360 with an LCD as its rear window. He even provided a video as proof of his work of art and he even used a badass music to go with it. Hopefully, he will post more of this in the later future.


Source: Mark Bongo

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