10 Things to Do While Your Internet Is Out

The internet is such a fickle thing, with it ever changing to fit our needs and wants. In its inception, the idea was simple: build a network of computers that can provide information and was restricted to the U.S. Government and a few select private companies. Fast forward 50yrs and you can see that the internet has invaded almost every facet of life and is integrated in practically anything you touch.
Being that it is so relied upon nowadays, someone may seem a bit lost without it, even if it’s just for a day. A recent University of Maryland study asked over 1,000 students around the world to give up the internet (and all media) for one day. The results were scarier than one would think. Most people had withdrawals or felt detached, while others found out how disgustingly dependent they were on it, almost as if the IV was ripped from their arm. That is fairly extreme, and it was only voluntary for a day. So what happens when the internet goes out on an involuntary basis? I currently face this conundrum, as I am in the middle of moving. I, for one, am in constant need of using the internet, as I’m sure many of you are as well. It’s been a few days now and I think my cravings have subsided a bit, but in between losing my mind and borderline insanity, I was able to comprise a small list of things to help get you through internet rehab.
  1. Finish Singleplayer Campaigns

Obviously, if you don’t have internet, you can’t play online multiplayer games. I’m pretty sure there are more than a few games that you own, that you need to complete the single player campaign. If you felt you didn’t have time before or didn’t want to make time because of online multiplayer, think again, because you have more than enough time now.

  1. Nerf Wars

What better way to get all of your friends together to kill time, than an all-out Nerf War! Nerf guns have definitely dropped in price compared to what it was years ago, so building a crazy arsenal shouldn’t cost a lot at all. Retailers like Target and Walmart always have good deals for cheap as well. Plus, how much fun is it to shoot your friends in the face with sponge darts!? It just sucks having to pick everything up once everyone runs out of ammo.

  1. Read a Book

This is probably the biggest shocker of them all. But reading is the devil you say? It’s ok, you don’t have to read a book like War and Peace, but there are great reads out there. Books like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Halo novels and even Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (personal favorite as I LOVE the games) can tide you over while your internet connection lays dormant.

  1. Try To Hack Into Other People’s Wireless Internet

Now I’m not saying it’s legal, but if your addiction is that bad, you can always try. Which I’m pretty sure by now you’ve already searched through every wireless network in the area, trying to leech off of some poor sod that didn’t enable security on their router.

  1. Go To Local Arcade (if some still exist nearby)

Sure, these are few and far between, but when you do find one, a sense of nostalgia hits. You forget how much fun it was going to the arcade. If you’re lucky, you can possibly find a Japanese arcade and play games that aren’t in normal arcades. Also, in places like Dave & Busters and Round 1, there are more than just arcade games. Pool tables, darts, bowling and even karaoke (an NR favorite) are available as well. You can also hit the local Cyber Café as well, i.e. Howie’s Game Shack.

  1. Take Apart Any and Every Electronic Device in the House

Ever wondered how things work? When boredom has struck you down, there’s nothing like taking apart electronic devices to help pass the time. Let’s just say I didn’t realize there was that many screws that held my laptop together. This is also a good opportunity to clean out the guts in your devices as well, because dust is very detrimental to electronics.

  1. Watch Movies/Blu-Rays – Movie Marathon

I know many of you probably have elaborate DVD and Blu-Ray collections that are sitting on shelves just for show. I’m also fairly sure that a lot, if not most of them, haven’t been watched in a while. This is the perfect opportunity to have friends over for a movie marathon (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Extended Edition, Harry Potter). Obviously this includes TV series as well. Lately, NR Writer Mike and I have been going through many different series including Arrested Development, Community and Aqua Teen.

  1. LAN Party

Since Xbox Live and Playstation Network have been active, LAN parties are becoming more of a dying breed. Gone are the days when you can yell and intimidate your opponents sitting next to you. It’s all across the network now through a headset, so the intimidation factor has been removed. Plus you can mute them if they get belligerent. What fun is that? Put up or shut up; get some people together, have them bring TV’s and systems and get down on some games. Preferences would include Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War, or get a Street Fighter tournament going. And if everyone has decent laptops, bust out the Starcraft 2, DOTA and League of Legends.

  1. Learn or Relearn an Instrument

So the electric and acoustic bass guitars hanging on my wall just aren’t for show? Because I spent so much time online, whether it be browsing the internet or gaming, I have forgotten that I play (or used to play) an instrument. With all this free time, I can relearn something that I was somewhat good at. For those that don’t play an instrument, it would be a great chance to try and learn. And I know everyone who plays Rock Band has it in the back of their head that playing an actual instrument would be fun/cool.

  1. Go Outside/Outdoor Activities

There is plenty of life to be lived beyond the computer screen. Go outside and enjoy the sunlight (I’m sure some of you might not have seen it in a while). I’m not saying you have to play sports or anything, but there are fun things to do. Paintballing and Airsofting are the ones that stick out to me the most. Many of us like to shoot things in FPS games, so how much more fun is it to shoot your friends with a paintball gun!? I go to the gym rite after work which helps pass the time as I wait for traffic to die down.

So there you have it. When internet capabilities are on the fritz, at least there are a few options you can turn to that will quell that insatiable online hunger. I’m sure there are options that I haven’t explored, but that’s mostly because I haven’t thought of them. Please enlighten us if you have other suggestions.

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