Bioware Amps Up the Combat in Mass Effect 3 – Official Video

Mass Effect is a series that started out as a mish-mash of quality. The story is one I consider to be one of the best in all of gaming, but the actual gameplay was very, very…shall I say, poor? Some people might call it average, but whatever the case, it was in desperate need of attention. The gameplay was improved quite a bit for the sequel, although the interesting RPG aspects were toned down drastically.

The third game is looking to be the best balance in the series, and this video shows that they’ve improved the combat to the point that it may be able to go toe-to-toe with some of the best action games available.

For one thing, Bioware is tailoring enemies to have strengths and weaknesses that change depending on what character class players choose. Enemies have more tactical abilities such as deploying shields and turrets, which can be out-maneuvered differently based on your class. The beginning of the video plugs the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition, but be patient and wait for the awesome insights by the creators themselves.

Via: VG247

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