Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill Kill for Modern Warfare 3

Here’s a new TV ad for Modern Warfare 3 featuring Sam Worthington as the Vet and Jonah Hill as the N00b. It makes sense for Sam to be the Vet,

Puppets Poke Fun of Walking Dead’s Walkie Talkie Scenes

Ever wondered what the guys on the other end of the Walkie Talkie are doing on the Walking Dead series? Well, we can’t, since Rick Grimes is too busy hogging

Mortal Kombat Characters Getting Their Freak On

Here’s one reason why Halloween is awesome. It gives these guys who are dressed like Mortal Kombat characters the balls to dance to the Mortal Kombat theme song. All your

NR Goes to Comikaze Expo 2011 Video Recap

Here’s another convention video adventure with the Nerd Reactor gang and me. This past weekend, we went to the first annual Comikaze Expo 2011 convention. From my point of view,

Cave Story 3D Review – Time to Pull Out those Unused 3DS’s

I am one of the very few people who never played this game, or at least, that is how I felt when all my friends told me about the free

Ford’s 2013 MyFord Touch Upgrades

Last weekend in Deerborn, Michigan, we were flown out to see what new goodies Ford has to offer on their new 2013 models. One of these upgrades was the update

Winner for LG 23″ 3D LCD LED Monitor Announced

Our LG 23″ 3D LCD LED Monitor giveaway is over, and we have announced the winner! Here are the specs for the monitor: Here are the specs: 23” Screen Size

The Captains: A Film by William Shatner – Review

The Captains, a film by William Shatner review. Movie stills and review of the film.

Verbatim Wireless Mini Slim Board Review

We review the Wireless Mouse and Keyboard by Verbatim. Nice pics, and good tech views.

NR Podcast Review: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Feeling the need to get into the Christmas spirit? Then deck the halls, hang the socking and light up a fat one with A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.

Spike Scream Awards 2011 – Black Carpet & Show Recap

Spike TV’s Scream Awards recap with black carpet photos, and show recaps.

CosCast Episode 1: Our First Episode in the World of Cosplay

Welcome to our first ever episode for CosCast, a podcast featuring cosplayers talking about the things they love the most, dressing up as their favorite anime, video games, and other

Sony Limits Shared Games

  Sony released today that any games/items released after November 18, 2011 will be limited in how many consoles it can be activated on. The new limitation is down to

Play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Early…and Get Banned! YAY!

There have been multiple reports that COD’s next cash cow has been mistakenly released early by some retailers and gamers are already playing online. Xbox Live Director of Policy and

Captain America’s Alan Silvestri to Compose The Avengers Score

Out of all the Marvel superhero films, Captain America: The First Avenger had the most memorable and iconic theme. This was possible thanks to composer Alan Silvestri, who has worked

Forget 3-D, It’s All About Transformers in 1-D

So the clever guys at College Humor decided to actually make a short video about how Michael Bay’s Transformers are one dimensional. You see, they actually did make it one

Want to See a Dead Space Parody Song? Of Course You Do

Here’s a Dead Space parody featuring Isaac Clarke singing about his love, Nicole. Isaac Clarke is the main protagonist in the Dead Space series, and if you’ve played the game,

Assassin’s Creed Movie Deal Makes Waves in Hollywood

Recently we reported that Sony was in talks to adapt the Assassin’s Creed series to film. It seems that Ubisoft was able to secure practically full creative rights to the

Peter Jackson Updates on the Hobbit Video Blog #4

I love these behind-the-scenes video blog by Peter Jackson for The Hobbit. You’re looking at the guy who watches the behind-the-scenes stuff for the Lord of the Rings trilogy over

Devil May Cry HD Collection Trailer

Capcom has gotten so much negative reactions recently about DmC. The trailers and images of the Devil May Cry series reboot (which is now set in a parallel dimension) have