Winner Announced for SuperTooth Disco Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Speaker Giveaway

So we have a winner for the SuperTooth Disco Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Speaker giveaway we posted around Thanksgiving. The speaker is portable and is perfect for almost anywhere. We asked our readers if they won the speaker, how would they use it? These are some of my favorite comments:

  • Nick N: I’m planning on bringing that b*tch to the gym to drown out the stupid sh*t they play there like ****ing Coldplay and Celine Dion. WHO THE HELL WORKS OUT TO CELINE DION AND SH*T?! WTF?!
  • Calvin L: I will tape the speakers up against the roof of my bedroom and blast the traditional old school Asian music after 9 pm while dressed in my Godzilla pajamas in order to piss off our rude and racist neighbors upstairs. =D
  • Geoff K: I’d use it in my office at work to help drown out the loudmouths in the adjacent office – and subject them to Arctic Monkeys at full volume!

Sadly, this giveaway isn’t about favorite comments, since it’s chosen randomly by blindfolded monkeys. Okay, time to announce the winner!

Drumroll please…

And the winner is Elmar Sonza! Expect an FB message soon from John Nguyen for further details.

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