WoW’s 4.3 Patch Brings in the Twilight (and Deathwing Raid)

No, no, not that Twilight. It’s a new patch called “Hour of Twilight”, and it appears to be one pretty amazing hour. Well, I’m fairly certain that the title is misleading and it’s longer than an hour, but whatever. The point is, all you dungeon raiders out there, that you’re going to be riding the back of Deathwing, fighting monsters, and possibly knocking Deathwing out of the sky and into dragon hell. Deathwing looks shockingly fantastic in this video, though something tells me he won’t look quite like that on everyone’s rig.

There are new tiered armor pieces to be found, dungeons to raid, and a raid…to complete. There is a new “Raid Finder” that works similar to the “Dungeon Finder”, some new Transmogrification modifications, a Darkmoon Faire, a new Rogue quest line and void storage. For full details, please visit Blizzard’s site.

Via: VG247

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