GamerFood Review: Does this Snack Give Gamers an Edge?

GamerFood is an energy snack made for gamers who have no time to pause. It contains caffeine and is suppose to give gamers an energy boost while nourishing them so that they can game longer. However, it’s not the first snack food made for gamers. That honor goes to Gamer Grub, which I was able to try out last year during E3 2010 (I thought it tasted okay).

GamerFood comes in three different flavors; Seeds of Victory, Nuts of Destruction, and Cashews of Chaos. As a snack food, I enjoyed eating Nuts of Destruction, with its ancho chili lime flavor. Seeds of Victory tasted just like regular seeds, but if you like seeds, then it might be for you. My least favorite was Cashews of Chaos. The honey did not help cover the bland taste of the cashew.

The real question is, how is GamerFood as a food that helps hardcore gamers perform better? The answer…not that helpful. I tested it while playing games like Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3 and Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and I honestly did not feel any different. I was able to finish a whole bag without feeling energized or wired. Maybe there wasn’t enough caffeine in the bag.

Another problem with GamerFood is the lack of cleanliness and practicality. For gamers who want to concentrate, eating Seeds of Victory is bad, because not only do you have to focus on gaming, you also have to worry about getting the seed kernel out of the hull. It’sa lot of work for something small.

As for Nuts of Destruction, it gets all over your hands. One of the things I hate as a gamer is dirty hands handling a game controller. Your hands will get dirty and greasy, and your controller will suffer for it.

If you want to eat them as regular food, great. As for using this while gaming, I’ll have to pass.

Grade: D

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