Feeling Lost? Skyrim ‘Dragon Shout App’ and Location Map are Here to Help

Oh, Skyrim, your grandiose mass has me reeling (that’s what…nevermind). Your many pastures, lakes and valleys are…many. And…you know what, Skyrim, I’m gonna’ need a map. You’re just too damn big.

So, yeah, do you feel like maybe you need some help tracking down the last of the locations in Skyrim? Game Banshee has put together a helpful map that has (supposedly) all of the locations in Skyrim. If every single one of them isn’t there, please don’t mail us any hate mail. We’re just the messengers of good news. You can get a preview of the map below, but the nice hi-res pdf version can be found here.

::UPDATE:: There is now a Skyrim Official World Interactive Map available. It has the same basic function as the Dragon Shout App, but it’s more detailed, allows you to zoom in 3200%, and you have the option to purchase more detailed information for specific locations. It’s free, so there’s no need to worry about charges.

If that’s not enough for you, perhaps the dragon shout app that allows for annotations on Skyrim’s map will suit your needs. One example given is that players can make a note of where they stored an item to be picked up later. The location of rare items’ locations can also be noted for future use. The developers are quite ambitious, and are looking to include things such as chat and marker sharing. Check their site out here.

Via: VG247, Joystiq

Thanks, GameBanshee, and Dragon Shout App makers!

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