Man Becomes Elected City Councilman Thanks to Darth Vader

Sometimes it pays to be a Star Wars fan. Take Phil Van Treuren for example. Because of his love for Star Wars, it ultimately helped him become an elected City Councilman in Amherst, Ohio.

It all started when Van Treuren wrote a satirical Star Wars post, “Darth Vader’s Guide To Winning Your Political Campaign”, on a Star Wars blog in 2009. His rivals wanted to make him look bad by distributing mailers using quotes from his Star Wars post to try to make him sound like a villain.

“If a campaign strategy works, just do it. Don’t think about whether your tactics are dirty, underhanded, immoral, or destroy someone’s life. As long as it helps your campaign, it’s fair game.”

“Every community has an “old hand” who knows the ins-and-outs of local politics. It’s your job to endear yourself to that person, learn everything he knows, and then destroy him to make sure he isn’t a threat to your newly-gained power.”

“There are plenty of ways to do this: stealing his campaign yard signs, physically threatening him and his family, even killing his pets.”

Check out the anti-Van Treuren campaign below complete with Van Treuren in a Photoshopped Darth Vader mask. And yes, they spelled his name wrong.

The smear campaign failed. Don’t underestimate the power of Star Wars fans. Van Treuren was re-elected as Amherst’s City Councilman on November 8, 2011, and had the highest votes for his race. Voters even called him to tell him that they thought the negative mailer was ridiculous.

Now that Van Treuren is City Councilman of Amherst, what’s next for him? How about Lorain County Commissioner for 2012. Now if only he can tie that to Back to the Future somehow.

Source: Phil Van Treuren’s Blog

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