Backstage Tension Between The Rock and CM Punk

Any doubts whether The Rock still has “it” were squashed this month during the pay-per-view Survivor Series. The Rock and John Cena put on a great match against The Miz and R-Truth. Of course, the victory was short lived because fans immediately knew that this would be the last they would see of The Rock until Wrestlemania. This has become a reoccurring issue with fans over The Rock’s return. There have been even a few wrestlers backstage who are not happy with The Rock’s return. One man in particular isn’t too happy, and that is the newly crowned WWE Champion CM Punk.

During a recent interview with, CM Punk gave his thoughts on The Rock.

“I don’t know if it’s some weird vanity project for him to come back and fraternize with us little people, but I appreciate it. If it puts more money in my bank account, that’s cool, even if I’m not a money guy. I’m very passionate about wrestling. This is what I do. I’m not leaving to go film movies. It’s just me and the rest of the crew, the men and women of the WWE who are on the road constantly, and I’m not the only one who is, I don’t want to say bitter, because I get it, it’s a business move where Dwayne comes in and people buy some pay-per-views, but it’s the attitude that gets to me. He’s very bourgeoisie Hollywood, and I just wish he would say hello to people backstage and not act like he was above everybody. Cena doesn’t act like that. Cena sits and talks and fraternizes with everybody, but Dwayne just can’t be bothered. Then again, I don’t know if anyone really wants to hang out with him. He was in the “Tooth Fairy.” If he’s so good at what he does, why doesn’t he impart some of that knowledge to the young guys and help out? I guess I’m just trying to figure out why he came back. I don’t think it’s money. I think he’s OK money-wise, so I don’t know.”

During a recent interview on, The Rock responded to some of his “critics.”

“Of course, a few guys have been very vocal about their unhappiness with me coming back. It doesn’t bother me at all. It just proves that they lack perspective. Returning to WWE is an incredible opportunity for me. But much bigger than me, it’s an incredible opportunity for the business and, at the end of the day, all we want to do is elevate WWE to new heights never seen before and make the fans happy. For example, when Hulk Hogan returned to WWE, I loved it, because I knew it was going to be incredible for the business. We made history together and made millions and millions of fans happy. I’ll always remember that the ones who were vocal and disapproving about me coming back—and we all know who the two are—are the ones who are most insecure and jealous. Maybe one day they’ll smarten up and understand the greater perspective.”

In some ways The Rock is correct but in some ways CM Punk is also right. You can’t just have The Rock show up the Monday before the PPV and expect to build any real story or tension. The Rock is right about when he went at it with Hogan, but he forgets that when The Hulkster came back, he was back full-time. The Hulkster was back on the road, he did every RAW, every Smackdown and he even did the house shows (un-televised appearances).

I can only hope that we’ll see The Rock in the WWE ring at least a couple of weeks before his big match at Wrestlemania, but it doesn’t look hopeful.

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