The Muppets Review…They’re Back!…and with a Toy Story Short

After an 11-year hiatus from the big screen, The Muppets are back this week in theaters. It has been almost 5 years since Kermit and the team have had any misadventures, and Disney wanted to wait for a script that would best fit the Muppets for the current generation and fans of the original.

The Muppets follows two brothers Gary (Jason Segel) and Walter from “Smalltown”, a town with a population of about 101. Everyone in Smalltown seems to be stuck in the 50s with the look of the buildings, the clothing style, and especially the whole breaking into musicals thing. Walter is different from everyone else in the town, especially his brother, because he looks like a muppet. Gary on the other hand is a normal boy, and the two make a great team together growing up, but Walter always noticed that he was different as time progresses. Eventually Walter starts watching episodes of the Muppets and instantly becomes their number one fan, almost as if he had a connection with them.

Gary and his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) plan to celebrate in Los Angeles, and Walter comes along for the ride. It was a good chance for him to check out the Muppet studio. During the tour Walter overhears that the Muppet studio will be torn down to dig for oil. This has him go into a frenzy. Walter, Gary and Mary search out Kermit the Frog to warn him about the treachery, and after another musical number, Kermit decides to get the old gang back together to save the the studio by traveling all around to find them. We’re then updated on why the Muppets split up. Even Kermit is a bit hesitant about bringing back Miss Piggy. Once the team is together, they clean up the rundown theatre and gets ready to hold a TV show telethon to raise 10 million dollars. The problem is that they need a relevant famous guest host and they haven’t done anything of the sort in decades. It becomes a race to the clock to raise the money, or else it’s the end of the Muppets.

The Muppets movie is great for fans young and old. The Muppets show a great sense of nostalgia while keeping it modern with silly scenes and having well-scripted comedy and gags, plus tons of special guests. With plenty of music and lame Fozzy jokes, this movie doesn’t miss a single beat.

Before the movie starts, we’re treated with a short film by Pixar, featuring Toy Story. After the events of Toy Story 3, Bonnie takes Buzz to a fast food restaurant where the special toy in the kid’s meal are Mini Buzz Lightyear toys. The Mini Buzz on display wants to have some fun and switches places with Buzz. Hilarity ensues for both the real Buzz Lightyear and Mini Buzz. The short features the original voice cast and toys from Toy Story 3, which is a nice bonus.

Grade: A

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