Comic Hit List: Deadpool #46

It looks like the merc with a mouth has some new competition…himself! Well sort of…since we last left Deadpool he just got away from a crazed stalker who kept his old chopped off body parts (from various points of Deadpool’s adventures) in a freezer. After the story arc (Deadpool #41-44) the body parts were tossed into one big trash bag and into the dumpster. But it looks like there’s some life left in these bits and pieces which combined and formed together to form what I like to call Evilpool a hodgepodge Frankenstein without the moral compass which the original Deadpool has recently gained.

What started off as a great idea pretty much tanked in this current issue. Evilpool began as the old death, mayhem, and destruction version of the D to the P we all knew and loved before becoming the marketable phenomenon that we now know.  But now Evilpool like scrambled eggs left out in the cold has lost much of his appeal as he becomes pretty much the same exact clone of the current Deadpool and the dynamics between the two characters have devolved into a Tom and Jerry-esque one upmanship with one another.

Writer Daniel Way (Spider-Man’s Tangled Web and Ghost Rider) introduced some pretty interesting ideas in issue forty five but has since then jumped the shark. It’s kind of a shame too because Evilpool had quite a bit of potential there. Call me crazy but somewhere along the way Deadpool seems to have lost his edge, that special something that set him apart from most of the other conventional comic book characters. While I’m not expecting Deadpool to become a serious thinking man’s title I was also not looking for a completely slapstick cartoon ride (but every once in a while it’s ok, just don’t over do it). Well that’s just my two cents, take it or leave it.

Grade: D+

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