On Set of the Upcoming Gamer Movie, ‘Noobz’

Nerd Reactor got a chance to go on set for a preview of an upcoming film that will put to shame any gaming movie you’ve previously seen. The movie is called Noobz by director and writer, Blake Freeman and Marvin Wilson. Both directors are big time FPS (fist person shooter) gamers. When walking on to the set everyone was excited and amped. The scene being shot was about a gaming tournament and from just standing there, it truly felt like I was at a real tournament. Laser lights, bass bumping, confetti over the floor, 30-40″ flat screen TVs lined up with Xbox 360 consoles ready to get your nerd-on, and even booth babes for aesthetics! The movie set was a nerd dream come true. There was one booth that caught my attention. It had a console case that held an Xbox with a 17″-23″ flat screen TV built inside of it. Thecase looked so awesome! But at the same time I wasn’t sure if it was the real deal or just another movie prop. Take a look for yourselves below.

Anyway, watching all the actors perform made me forget that I was at a movie set. Everyone was having fun and enjoying shooting each other in the game. It was a great experience to see all this happening and knowing they kept it real and didn’t over dramatize it. Seriously though, who needs to over dramatize an intense FPS championship competition!?

The synopsis of the movie is about four friends: Andy (Jason Mewes) Hollywood (Moises Arias), Olive (Matt Shively) and Cody (Blake Freeman) embarking on a journey to Vegas to win the Gears of War Championship at Cyber Bowl.

Cody had it all; a hot wife, a job, family and friends, but all of sudden he lost it all. This championship meant everything to him, but in the grand scheme of things, someone is trying to get in the way from his team winning. The person in question is Rickie, played by Zelda Williams. Rickie is a smoking hot gamer chick that Andy is falling for, but at the same time, is getting in his way of being the champion and making his life a little better off than where it currently is. Maybe Rickie is just the kind of person Andy needs in his life and will ultimately help him win the championship. Stay tuned for more details on the movie, release date and trailer of Noobz my NERDY  friends.

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