Comic Hit List: The Avenging Spider-Man #1

There once was a time we had multiple Spider-Man titles hitting the shelves every month from the Spectacular Spider-Man, to the Sensational Spider-Man, to the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and so forth. These days the ol’ web slinger had to make due with only one title (that’s not including the team titles he’s in such as New Avengers and Future Foundation). But no longer! Your favorite webhead now makes the scene with an all new monthly team up series entitled ‘The Avenging Spider-Man’ (my guess is that he’ll be teaming up with a lot of Avengers).

The game plan behind this new series is to pair Spider-Man up with a different Marvel character in each new story arc. As in the case with the premier issue where a bone weary Spidey is teamed up with fellow Avenger the Hulk (the red one) against an classic Marvel threat from bellow. Zeb Wells (Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways and Peter Parker: Spider-Man) does a terrific job here playing off Spidey and Rulk (once again Red Hulk), providing some really humorous dialogue. If anything this is a continuation the great work he’d done while he was a part of the ‘Brand New Day’ rotation of writers. Two of my favorite moments would have to go to J. Jonah Jameson though. Such as calling the participants of the New York City Marathon ‘Jog-Hippies’ or thinking he had real bullets for his starter pistol (direct quote ‘Blanks?! Oh, you patronizing sons of –‘). For fans who have been out of the game for a while or a complete Spider-n00b could easily pick up this issue one title without worry. Fans of artist Joe Madureira (Ultimates 3 and Uncanny X-Men) also have reason to rejoice as he steps up to the bat again after a long absence since his work on ‘Ultimates 3’. Madureira’s art style suits the main stream Marvel Universe a whole lot better than it did in the Ultimates Universe and I think found a perfect home with ‘Avenging Spider-Man’ with giant robots, strange monsters, and crazy battle scenes. Thumbs up Joe Mad!

Overall issue one ‘Avenging Spider-Man’ is just absolutely fantastic. You got the action, humor, and fun you would expect to see from your favorite webcrawler. Plus with this $3.99 bagged issue you get a free digital copy, not too shabby at all. Besides being a great team up title the team up between Wells and Madureira is just spot on genius. Expect to see me at my local comic book next month eagerly awaiting the second issue of Avenging.

Grade: B+

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