Sony Cuts PS3/PSP File Sharing, Activate Your Two Systems Now

If you weren’t aware of it before, and would have taken advantage of the opportunity, I’m sorry to inform you that previously it was possible to share a single download (game etc.) between five different PS3 and/or PSP systems. So, for example, if you bought Resident Evil 3, up to four other systems could login to the account that bought the game and download it for free. This has all just come to an end.

Now you can only have two systems as active download accounts. The first two systems you download on will be your active accounts. You can also go to their site and manually input which systems you’d like to be your active ones, though you will need to be near them to complete the process. If you’d like to disable one system and allow a different system to access your content, Sony is allowing you to do that through this website.

I know there are many users who have three PS3 systems who are a little upset by this change. It will be interesting to see if PSN makes more or less money based on fan reaction, and the fact that people can’t share games anymore. Will they be so willing to drop that $10-$20 knowing that they can’t share? Only time will tell.

Here’s Sony’s official statement regarding this change in policy.

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