Skyrim Glitches and Basket-On-The-Head Hijinks

The Elder Scrolls series is serious business. It is your duty to save the world from imminent danger, and no second is too unimportant that you can spend any one of them on placing baskets on the heads of innocent villagers. Finding all of the wonderful glitches and uploading the evidence to Youtube shouldn’t be a top priority either. We have dragons to slay, people!

Then again, Bethesda needs all of the help it can get. Change of plans! Forget the dragons, Skyrim the video game is in more dire a place than Skyrim the virtual land! Find those glitches!

But before that, enjoy two of the latest videos for Skyrim. They contain baskets and glitches, so there’s no going wrong here.

Thanks to IGN and Household Gamer for their uploads.

Via: Destructoid

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