Comikaze Day 1

Today marks the opening of a new convention in L.A., Comikaze Expo. Comikaze Expo is not just dedicated to the hardcore and industry folks, it also caters to the masses. Day 1 line was a sight to see; it was a long winding line, but it kept moving so the line was not that long of a wait. The staff who handled the ticket line was well trained and knew how to take care of the guests. Once I entered the main hall, I was amazed at how many people were there. I thought the line to get in was crowded, but the inside was much more crowded. Even though it was crowded, it was not packed like the main hall at San Diego Comic Con. People who go to SDCC will understand that kind of crowded situation. If you don’t, then go ask someone who does. You will understand how crowded it has gotten lately.

One thing I had a problem with was the lack of maps or programs that had a layout of the convention. When I did find a map, many people gathered around it and it was hard to see. As a regular con attendee, this was a problem. I usually go to artist alley and then do my print/comic book shopping later. The map was vague, in my opinion, and didn’t label how artist alley is organized and how far. Again, this is just my opinion of how the place was organized. After an hour or two of walking and getting a mental layout of the place I was able to get some commission works done and got to take pictures. My friend had a problem, which also related to mine; when he asked a few volunteers asking for locations on some places, they did not know anything. They did not know how to answer, and my friend asked if they had any programs, but they did not have any.

There were some cosplayers in the early part of the con, but that was because most of them were in line to get in. As the day went on, cosplayers started to trickle in and pictures started being shot. So without further ado, the cosplay pictures of Comikaze Day 1.


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