Comikaze 2011 Day 2 Gallery and My Bad Experience

Before I get to the con gripe, I’ll post up the gallery first before detailing on why my con trip was a disaster.

Comikaze 2011 Day 2 did not start off on a good note for me. The day was rainy and gloomy. The weather did get better as we got closer to the event, so we thought it was going to be a good day.

When we got there the Los Angeles Convention Center parking attendants were the least helpful. My friend and I arrived a good hour before the convention and that place was packed. They made us drive around the convention for a parking space in their lot, but all it did was lead us down to the main streets again. The place was packed; there were other conventions that were happening from what it looked like. The parking attendants were not very well-organized and none of them would answer our question and kept us moving along. We were stuck there for nearly one hour. It’s not Comikaze’s fault, since they’re not in charge of the staff from the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s rare for LACC to drop the ball on these kinds of things.

When we got in, everything started to look better. We went in and picked up our commission books and started to take a few pictures. Everything was looking up and we were also having a better outlook of the day. Then the time came for the Cosplay Masquerade; I was excited for this event. The turnout was great with lots of cosplayers present and eager to show off their hard work. I was getting some good pictures from those that gathered early. I was asked to stop so they can start registering the cosplayers, which is understandable, so I went to where a large crowd of what looked to be like the photo area.

This is when things turned sour. The people helping with the event were also in cosplay. I could not tell who was a worker for Comikaze, a cosplayer just helping, or a friend of the worker, and this made things very confusing. No one working/helping was wearing a badge or something significant to differentiate them from normal participants. Having said this, I thought I would ask a cosplayer for a picture as they walked by. Some said no and others obliged; one was very rude. This person was posing for pictures with the people next to me, and when I asked her if she can look my way for a quick photo, she looked at me and said no, she was busy helping others with the line. It was just seconds ago that she was taking pictures with the people next to me. I don’t know if she was an actual worker, just helping, or just a friend but I left after this happened.

Day 2 for me felt like it was planned at the very last second and was not coordinated well at all. I have never left a convention very frustrated and irritated before. Comikaze Expo 2011 would be much better once it gets more organized and gets some help from volunteers. I will return next year to see if they have improved from this year’s fiasco.

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