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As I type this I am using these over-the-ear headphones. I have been using these headphones for a few weeks now and it is amazing. I was eager to test this, and my only other over-the-ear headphones is Sennheiser HD 280, and that thing is amazing. So I came into this with those headphones on my mind. But there is something that differentiates this from any other over-the-ear headphones, and that is this pair of headphones comes with a microphone attachment. You can use this on your computer to talk on Skype or on an online game. This is a great benefit for those that use video chat programs.


The Intruder comes in a beautiful polished red and black design. The cups are shaped in a triangular look, almost like a spearhead. Cups are able to rotate to face out, and this comes in play when you want to fold the cups in for transport. The soft leather-type padding inside the cups protects your ears. The body of the headphones is also padded and the top is tagged with “TEKNMOTION.”



When I first got my hands on it, I used it as music headphones on my iPod Touch. The music quality was amazing. Currently I am listening to AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells and it is amazing. Feels like they are in the room playing just for me. The crisp sounds it plays in your ears are amazing. I also used this while playing StarCraft 2, and that was a great experience. It’s totally different from just listening to my two speaker setup for my computer.

The Intruder comes with two different microphone attachments: a long and flexible attachment, a small microphone attachment, and a volume and mute control. I used the long attachment most of the time for PC gaming and for times when I used Skype to chat with my family. I used the small attachment a couple of times, but I feel more comfortable with a mic right in front of me. The clarity it delivers is great.

I’ve only had problems a few times in which the other side would not hear me. I have not figured out what the issue was. I would just have to unplug and plug it back to fix the issue, but it was not enough to deter me from using this again. It also doesn’t have to be used for PC. These headphones are also capable for use on your phone. I’ve tried it a few times on my phone but never really got used to it, since I have Bluetooth headphones already. It felt weird using over-the-ear headphones as a phone receiver.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for something to use for your general music headphones, PC use, and maybe for your phone; look no other. The TekNmotion Intruder is a great headset, and it’s all within a reasonable price ($59.99 USD). Oh, it also comes in a cool carrying pouch.

Grade: A

You can buy this pair on TekNmotion’s Amazon store here.

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