Real Steel Cast On What to Expect From the Sequel

A few months back, yours truly, was treated to an advanced screening of the upcoming robot boxing action flick Real Steel. We were also fortune enough to have some One-on-One with the cast and before the general public had even seen the film they were already talking about the next one.

In the second film , we go more into the origin of Atom and where he came from. Who made him? How will the sport change and will the Underworld and the WRB collide? I was at another round table and they were like, “where’s the girls at?” Just wait, there’s a very special one coming. Dakota will be a little older, so hold on.

So, I guess we can take the hint from screenwriter John Gatins that Dakota will have a love interest in the second movie. I wonder if she will have a robot as well?

We also got to talk to co-star, Anthony Mackie, who talked about what he hopes to see from his character in the sequel.

I was thinking about this the other day and the Rocky movie with Tommy Gun came on. That’s what I don’t want to happen. I want Finn to see what Charlie has become, maybe they partner up and start their own thing. He comes that side guy to Charlie and that might mean they rift and split, may be have their robots go at each other. I think there is a lot of stuff that can happen with Finn that could be really cool but I would really like to see those characters team up.

So, love interest for Dakota, fight between Charlie and Finn and of course, Atom vs Zues 2. Sound like one hell of a ride.

You can still catch Real Steel in theaters. Also, check out our review from our very own John Spartan:

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