LA Noire’s McNamara on Team Bondi’s Failure

Eurogamer had a chance to talk to Brendan McNamara, the guy behind Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire. McNamara received a lot of flak for Team Bondi’s working condition, like having the workers work 110-hour weeks. He explains why the development studio shut down and his take on the working conditions.

“Mainly, I’d say because we got a lot of bad press about what it was like to work with us and our conditions.”

“That, obviously, didn’t come at the right time. To do a deal for a major video game probably takes about a year. We didn’t start running around doing that stuff until well after the game was finished. That’s the problem when a game is all consuming and you need to get out there and do whatever you need to do to get people to know it and interested.”

He then answers the 110 hour week working conditions.

“Yeah, 110 hour weeks are tough,” he agrees, “But not many people worked 110 hour weeks making L.A. Noire, I can tell you that. And it wasn’t mandatory.

“It was just, yeah, it was hard, and it was brutal, but I would say, most of those triple-A games, when you aren’t sure of what the technology is, and you aren’t sure what the process is, it’s going to be pretty difficult. Time’s a finite thing. You can’t extend it forever. We certainly had plenty of time.”

One of his employees even appeared on TV to describe the horrible working conditions.

“Yeah, there is. That’s one of the things that’s remarkable. We had a TV show in Australia, which was showing people who used to work on L.A. Noire with their faces blacked out and their voices changed. I was sitting there thinking, hang on, this isn’t the IRA. They didn’t enjoy working at the place and they don’t like me as their boss. Okay, but we made a video game. I think we made a great video game. It was a difficult and terrible process, but nobody died making it. No-one’s career ended making it either. They’ll happily go on to do bigger and better things, and I’m totally fine with that.”

Let’s hope everything’s for the better, and I would like to see an L.A. Noire 2. Let’s see if another studio can take up the mantle.

Source: Eurogamer

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