GamerFood Releases Its Energy-Boosting Snacks for Gamers

GamerFood has announced that it has released its own line of energy-filled snacks made for hardcore gamers. As a hardcore gamer, you’re focused on long gaming hours with no time to get your ass off your seat to grab some food in the kitchen. You have to complete whatever mission you’re currently on, fight the last boss, or grind with your online friends, and you’re getting tired and hungry. What a gamer to do? With GamerFood, you can gain concentration, fill your stomach and boost energy while still pwning on your favorite game.

GamerFood includes a variety of different packs like Cashews of Chaos (honey roasted cashews), Nuts of Destruction (ancho chili lime-flavored peanuts) and Seeds of Victory (original sunflower seeds). The four main ingredients to helping gamers with energy are caffeine, taurine, ginseng and lysine.

“GamerFood is the snack for hardcore gamers. Not only does it nourish, it also boosts focus, alertness, and reaction time, giving players a competitive advantage,” said Chris Davis, CEO of GamerFood. “Convenience stores are stocked with energy drinks and protein bars for athletes but lack a space for gamers, GamerFood fills that void. Gaming is mentally demanding, with limited break time and late nights that run into mornings. We developed a series of snacks with industry experts that met our needs: delicious energy packed snacks, infused with energizing ingredients that deliver quick sustainable nutrition and energy.”

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