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According to a video released by Nintendo USA president Reggie Fils-Aime. He states that by the end of the year people would be able to use Hulu Plus on the 3DS and Wii consoles. Unfortunately for Nintendo their biggest competitors, Xbox and PS3, have already been offering Hulu to their users for months now. Also on the video they released details of a major firmware update for the 3DS coming this November. 3D video recording and 3D stop-motion animation. The recording would be limited to 10 minutes.

They are also offering 3D music videos at their Nintendo eShop, one being offered now is Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” covered by Shrek characters. Nintendo also launched an online community for Mario Kart 7, but don’t get too happy, this is only for the Japanese market for now. Mario Kart 7 is due to hit stores December 4th for the 3DS.

This is good news for Wii and 3DS users. But only for those that have the Wii and 3DS; as for me owning all three systems, this news comes late and kind of pointless.

Source: Nintendo

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