Diablo III Public Beta Impressions

  Disclaimer: This is an impression based on the current beta in development and are merely thoughts of what it offers at the moment. It does not accurately describe the

Batman Gives Birthday Clown the Beating He Didn’t Deserve

What happens when Batman confuses a birthday clown with the Joker? Well, the birthday clown gets a beating he doesn’t deserve, but the one that he needs. Does that make

Oh No! PSN Is Down Again, Only This Time It’s Just Europe

PSN Europe has let the world know that its PlayStation Network is down for the moment. The PSN workers are trying to bring the service back online. They have no

Yu-Gi-Oh! Generation Force

It was only last month at Comic-Con that we met with Konami and talked about the upcoming cards in the series that included the upcoming pack Generation Force. The Yu-Gi-Oh!

Cleavage Babe Gets Gutted in Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

There was a teaser for Resident Evil Revelations that featured the buxom babe by the name of Rachel with bangs covering both her eyes. Not very practical for investigating if

And the Halloween Costumes Giveaway Winners Are…

Alright, so we have decided the three winners for the Halloween Costumes Giveaway, with a value of up to $75 each. Thanks to for sponsoring this giveaway. The winners

Hugh Jackman Gets Harassed by WWE’s Dolph Ziggler

Can’t a guy just promote a robot fighting movie without being harassed by a United States Champion? That’s not the case on last night’s WWE RAW. Hugh Jackman came in

Skynet Becomes Self Aware without Justin Lin

It looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator rights owner Megan Ellison can’t wait for Justin Lin to direct the next movie, since he’ll be busy with the next Fast and

Captain America Blu-ray Coming October 25th!

Justice prevails! Marvel has announced that my favorite superhero movie of the year, Captain America: The First Avenger, will be available for Blu-ray on October 25, 2011. A Blu-ray trailer

It Has Begun! Diablo III Closed Beta Currently Testing

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the action role-playing game Diablo III Closed Beta Testing has now begun. This means that the game is in the final stages of development and

Creating the Zombie Costumes for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2

It’s always interesting to see how zombie makeup is applied, but how are the outfits created? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Walking Dead Season 2 zombie costumes with costume

The ‘Orcs Must Die!’ on October 5th (Xbox 360), 12th (PC)

Orcs Must Die! was quite a neat surprise for me at E3 2011. This third-person shooter, from Robot Entertainment, has players using their skill and wits to prevent an onslaught

Disney World to Have James Cameron’s Avatar Ride?

According to NY Times, Robert A. Iger, Walt Disney CEO, is going to announce that Disney will have the rights to feature a theme park experience based on James Cameron’s

Hear Harley Quinn’s New Voice in GameStop’s Batman: Arkham City Ad

GameStop will be having a Joker Carnival Challenge map pre-order bonus. With the bonus GameStop has released a new teaser for it. You can hear Harley Quinn’s new voice actress,

More New Footage from The Avengers to Premiere at New York Comic Con

Looks like Marvel and Disney is showing some love to New York Comic Con (October 18-16), as compared to their no show at San Diego Comic-Con this past summer. New

Battlefield 3 Beta Open to All, Come September 29th

This Fall is going to be an intense one for the publishers and developers who are awaiting consumer judgement. In general there is quite a bit of competition, but this Fall

You Want a Free Game? Assassin’s Creed Revelations PS3 Blu-ray Will Include Original First Game

That’s right, Ubisoft has announced that the PlayStation 3 version of Assassin’s Creed Revelations will include the first original Assassin’s Creed game inside the Blu-ray disc. This will be limited

Defense of the Nerd: Being a Member of a Costume Club

[Author’s Note: Forgive me if you feel that my focus is biased towards Star Wars organizations. I did not intend to overlook or ignore non-Star Wars costume clubs, they just

‘No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise’ Review – Not for Kids or Pansies

From the awesome and crazy mind of Suda51, the man who brought us Killer 7, and Shadows of the Damned, comes a port of No More Heroes, a game that

Jesper Kyd Returns as Composer for ‘Assassin’s Creed Revelations’

When Hans Zimmer announced a new contest where fans can submit their voices to be a part of Assassin’s Creed Revelations theme song (composed by Lorne Balfe), I was left