Silent Hill 2 Cast Signs Waiver – Will Original Voice Be in SH HD Collection?

Update: It seems that things are moving forward, as Guy Cihi and Dave Schaufele (Eddie Dombrowski) have signed a waiver to release their voices today, September 29, 2011. Monica Taylor Horgan and Donna Burke (Angela) have already signed their waivers. So let’s hope we get the option for the original voices in the Silent Hill HD Collection.

If you haven’t heard, the Silent Hill HD Collection will be having new voice actors to portray the characters that fans have loved in the past. I’ve played Silent Hill 2 so many times that Guy Cihi and Monica Taylor Horgan are James Sunderland and Maria/Mary to me. To have anyone else would feel just wrong. Looks like I’m not the only one with this concern, as Monica Taylor Horgan and Guy Cihi also feels the same way. Horgan recently chimes in on how she feels about the recasting, as seen on her Facebook.

Guys I loathe to chime in on all this business but in the interest in keeping the fragile progress we have made I would like to. It is my belief that the GOAL here is to get you guys the original voices on the game that you love. I wanted more information at the onset of all this and I went out and got it…from professionals who understand the talent business. At the time the game was made and released, I was considered a “professional” actor. I was on TV, on the radio, in games (many) and I had done work in the US and abroad (namely Japan). My voice has been used hundreds and hundreds of times. Here is what I DO know about royalties and residuals. Not once have I ever been paid any residuals for video games (or any voice work for that matter). And since the new HD game is now Konami US property, it is important to realize how it works in the US. I now live in LA and I have spoken (due to all this “controversy”) with 2 BIG agents (who specialize in video games) and the bottom line is that GAMES do NOT receive residuals. To quote a VIDEO GAME TALENT REP (agent): “IT IS NOT DONE.” Even famous, big-name Hollywood actors are paid once–no “back-end” deals. That aside, and to lend credit to claims that residuals have been earned for some people; Japan is like “The Old West” and deals can be made between agents, talent and companies that are off the grid and often are. Pay scales were radically different for different talent, there is NO UNION in Japan for VAs (called narrators there). If you had a smart, fast-thinking agent, you could have been paid more, or over time potentially. NO ONE knew SH2 would go on to its success. It is SO common to have something get big and then have all this squabbling about credit, compensation, motives, etc. But PLEASE…this whole business about discussing getting paid is putting a SERIOUSLY bad taste in my mouth.

Here it is folks: I would LOVE to have the old voices on SH2 as an option for fans. I will be at Konami to sign off on this as a reality tomorrow. My experience with them thus far has been totally relaxed, pleasant and light-hearted. And I am sure if I suggested “pizza and beer” they would be game for that too. I realize I am just one voice: but It was my understanding that this is what the fans would like so let’s make it happen!

Silent Hill HD Collection will be out next year in 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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