Oldboy’s Female Lead to Be Played by Rooney Mara?

According to Twitch, Rooney Mara is being considered for the main female lead in Spike Lee’s Oldboy, starring Josh Brolin. Now with Josh Brolin in, and possibly Christian Bale as the main villain, the cast is looking strong. Twitch mentions that no official offer has been made yet, but they mentioned that they were the one that broke the news on Spike Lee being director and Josh Brolin being the main lead.

Rooney Mara is on a roll with dark films, with her upcoming one being David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Two movies where her character gets, oh I can’t say it (Don’t want to spoil it).

The movie is based on the manga, which had a popular Korean adaptation that reached cult status. Check out this epic fight scene from the Oldboy film.

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