Hugh Jackman on Wolverine 2

Recently, we had a chance to interview Hugh Jackman, who was promoting his upcoming movie, Real Steel. One of the questions was about how the Wolverine sequel would be better than the previous incarnations.

What we didn’t quite achieve with Origins is actually really getting a great snapshot of who this guy is. I think we didn’t need to get hung up on his past and memory. We’ve explored it. It’s enough you know. I think we can move ahead. The Japan saga for me has always been the strongest of the source material for this character. Right after X-Men 1, I was reading that, so I was really excited.

It’s simple… scripts. You gotta have a great script and Chris McQuarrie has written the best script of them all. It’s precisely why Darren Aronofsky signed on originally. I tried to get him to do X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but he’s like, “I’m not sure if this is for me,” until this one [Wolverine 2]. And then we all know what happened there.

Check out our full Hugh Jackman interview.

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