Review: Mythbusters ‘Bikes and Bazookas’ Episode

In my opinion nothing is nerdier than the Discovery Channel. Every day of the week is something new and awesome to watch with shows that focus on technology, life, science, space, foods, and animals (Shark Week!). While there are plenty of shows I will casually tune into while channel surfing, there are two shows I never miss an episode of, and those shows are “American Chopper: Junior vs Senior” on Monday nights and “Mythbusters” on Wednesday nights.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman since 2003

Mythbusters is a show I became very familiar with around 2005 when my uncle saw me in front of the television and flipped the channel to Discovery telling me, “I guarantee you will like this show.” He explained that the show makes science fun for everyone, young and old, because it was filled with explosions, destruction, and answers so many questions all while being funny and entertaining to watch. Mayhem, action, explosions and destruction all in the name of science? What could be better than that? Since then I’ve been hooked on Adam and Jamie since then with their knowledge of science, machine work and Hollywood.

Episode 171, “Bikes and Bazookas“, places two new myths on the table. First myth is from a Hollywood movie titled “RED” which stands for “Retired Extremely Dangerous”. In a scene a Rocket Launcher is fired and at the same time a bullet is fired. The bullet hits the rocket, leading to the rocket exploding, and the after effect is a backlash of flames shooting backwards as it engulfs the person shooting the RPG, leaving the gun shooter unharmed. In what could be their favorite myth yet, since they get to play with some big toys, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci and Kari Byron plan on enjoying this.

The power of explosions!

The second myth to be tested on goes to Adam and Jamie. The myth if motorcycles are not only more gas efficient but also more environmentally friendly is tested, and the answer may just surprise you. This episode gets hilarious since Adam isn’t the type to take a simple test without keeping himself occupied, especially when driving a few cars is involved.

The one thing that is great with Mythbusters is the explosions or the over-the-top crazy ideas the group comes up with. This episode delivers on all of that. You could only imagine how much fun the team got from the first ever RPGs fired on Mythbusters. What Adam and Jamie came up with was so out of the box it was awesome.

Bike of the Future possibly?

This is a show the whole family can enjoy and where kids can get inspiration from. A part of me would love to go back and focus more on science and metal work, just to be able to do similar things. Never try the stuff at home, the team is well protected thanks to their professionalism and safety precautions. DVR this episode because it’s the one you can watch over and over again. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.

Grade: A+  

This episode will be shown Wednesday, September 28th and learn more at for clips from previous episodes.

Here is a clip from the episode.

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