Star Wars: Blu-ray $84 Million Sales Promote Lucas’ Changes

A lot of fans were bitching about the changes made to the Star Wars Blu-ray Set, including me. Sometimes bitching helps to sway a filmmaker’s decision, for example, Michael Bay getting rid of the stupid-looking twin robots in Revenge of the Fallen. This time the bitching will not help since George Lucas is known to always mess around with the Star Wars movies and having the Blu-ray Set make $84 million (around a million units sold) will only encourage his actions. The final verdict is in and the fans have chosen with their wallet.

I haven’t gotten it yet and am still debating whether it’s worth it or not. I’m still waiting to see if Lucas will release the original theatrical version on Blu-ray later, since he has released them on DVD, only two years after the release of the Special Edition DVDs. So there’s still a new hope.

Source: Washington Post

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