Catwoman and Starfire Get All Sexual in DC’s New 52

Catwoman #1 and Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 have both just came out this week, and it is hot, hot, hot! Some may find the issues controversial because of the sexual content, but superheroes need some lovin’ too.

Let’s take a look at Catwoman #1. In this issue, we get major boobs, as you can see from the images above and below. If I was Batman, I wouldn’t be able to say no to Catwoman too. The panels show off their foreplay, as Catwoman loosens up Batman, and Batman unzips Catwoman. They don’t get fully naked. I guess they just get really turned on by still wearing their outfits. How kinky. I’ll admit that I have done the hanky panky with my cosplay outfit on. Was that TMI for you guys?

And below is a comic panel from Red Hood And The Outlaws #1 with Starfire and Arsenal in talking about sex. Starfire gets all horny and asks Arsenal if he wants to have sex. He’s surprised by this question because he thought Starfire and Jason Todd are together. She responds that she gets to do whatever she wants. I can see the controversy in this, since it does make her look like a desperate girl. If you’re a hot alien being, you’re not going to have to ask for sex.

Source: Newsarama, Bleeding Cool

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