Vergil and Iron Fist Trailers for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME, AND MY BODY IS NOT READY. Vergil and Iron Fist’s reveal trailers have hit the internet, and by god do I love Vergil. Both characters add something interesting to the gameplay, like what looks like chi storing or stance switching on Iron Fist’s part, and Vergil’s awesome, awesome existence. Trailers are below. The Vergil ones I’ll put first. Because I love you.

Even this guy’s entrance, win, and fight quotes are awesome. He has range on his normals, a level one that has great cross-up potential, and some sick moves. I’m getting chills. <3

Iron Fist actually looks interesting as well, and he has a one inch-punch, which is always freaking sweet in a character. He also has a pillar super, which probably off the grounds, and a move that looks like it either has startup invincibility or super armor. Plus he has a really annoying voice. OOOOOWWWWOOOOAOAAAAAAAOOO

And some match videos for you.

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