No Diablo 3? No Problem! The Diablo 3 Skill Calculator Lets You Try Out Your Future Characters Now!

This is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever seen released outside of a main release for an RPG game. Blizzard’s Skill Calculator allows eager would-be Diablo 3 players to test out their character builds before the actual game comes out. Players can choose up to six active skills and three passive skills, the Skill Calculator then tells players what level they need to achieve in order to gain all of the selected skills. Quite useful, no? It’s great they have things like this, because knowing how much they polish their games, fans often have to wait a long, long time.

Check out the Diablo 3 Skill Calculator here.

The public beta for Diablo 3 should be starting soon, though there is no defined date yet.

Via: VG247

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