Nisei Week 2011 Photos

Nisei Week the annual festival celebrating Japanese American culture was recently held in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. This festival is one of the largest Japanese events held in Little Tokyo and held between 1st and 3rd Street of Los Angeles. The celebration brings out the best of the local community and offers a wide array of activities for people to enjoy. Food booths lined the streets offering patrons a number of traditional Japanese selections such as takoyaki (a favorite of one of our writers), okonomiyaki, and more.

Here’s quick tip for those interested in checking out the festival next year, bring your camera and have fresh batteries on hand. You’ll need it to take photos of all the cosplayers that attends this event. One of my personal favorites of this year would have to be the EVA cosplayers in yukatas. Besides the cosplayers you’ll also want that camera for the annual parade which accompanies the festival, which includes fan dancers, taiko drummers, and much much more. This year’s parade marshal was Tommy Lasorda of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Well here’s where I leave you to the real reason why you’re here…the photos! Hope to see you at next years Nisei Week celebration!


Photos courtesy of Mad Calamity Photos

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