3DS Rests in a Soap Dish to Add a Second Analog Stick?

The rumors have been churning, and it now seems to be all but official that the 3DS is getting an attachment that adds a second analog stick to the one-stick 3DS (usually one stick is just fine, but some people just won’t be pleased until they’ve got their hands on two). Apparently, in Japan, Monster Hunter is quite the big deal, so someone out there decided to create a concept at home to add a second analog stick, using a soap dish. Also apparent is that the concept model wasn’t changed and went straight to the factory.

We don’t yet know if there are extra shoulder buttons on the top, or if this soap dish also acts as a battery, prolonging the terrible battery life of the 3DS. Will it come to America? Will other developers start using it? Will the 3DS get a 2nd iteration that comes equipped with two sticks? Is it safe to put soap in this new contraption? We have no idea, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Via: GiantBomb

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