Take That ‘Zumba Fitness’! ‘Deus Ex’ Tops UK Charts

Who knew a Brazilian exercise game would be so popular? Well, after being number one last week on the UK charts, it has tired itself out with Deus Ex: Human

DVD Review – Batman: The Brave and Bold Season 2 Part 1

Season 2 of Cartoon Network’s hit series Batman: The Brave and Bold swings onto DVD.  The series is colorful and lighthearted, which makes it perfect for young children getting to know

Gears of War 3 ‘Season Pass’ is $30, but Should You Buy It?

Microsoft has announced today that a “Season Pass” will be available for 2400 Microsoft Points (that’s $30, folks). What do you get for that pass? Well, you get the first four DLC

Adam Jensen: ‘Where’s My Mirror?!’

Here’s a funny video for those that have been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you’ve been to your apartment already, you’d know that you have a busted mirror that

Josh Brolin Is Oldboy

It was announced before that Spike Lee would be directing Oldboy, a remake of Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy about a guy who seeks revenge against those who locked him up. Now

‘The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword’ Only Gets Better

Once Skyward Sword at E3 2010 was announced, people went into a crazed state for the next title in the Zelda series. It would be another year before more information

Who Wants to Watch ‘Jurassic Park’ in Theaters Again?

I do, I do. Yeah, to see Jurassic Park in theaters again would bring back fond memories of experiencing realistic dinosaurs roaming the world for the first time. Before Jurassic

Filming of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Resumes in Sunny Los Angeles, California!

Looks like The Dark Knight Rises filming has moved ahead of schedule. You know what they say? Location! Location! Location! SuperHero Hype has discovered that filming has begun yet again.

Zero Suit Samus Figurine

Max Factory has answered our calling, and will be creating a Zero Suit Samus and a Figma figure. These figures are based on Metroid: Other M. Zero Suit Samus is

Wizard World Los Angeles Postponed

If you were planning to go to Wizard World LA, you were probably wondering what happened to the scheduled date of September 24-25. The date now is to be determined

Star Wars: The Old Republic Making More Room for Testers

Starting September 2nd, BioWare will be sending out more Beta invites for Star Wars: The Old Republic, as was revealed during the PAX Star Wars: The Old Republic panel. This

Difficulty Hearing? Sony Has Your Back with Subtitle Glasses

I use to watch movies often with my grandma, unfortunately as time passed, her hearing has become subsequently worse. Apparently, Sony has something that might help! According to a report

Max Payne 3 Gets Two New Screenshots

Rockstar Games has released two beautiful-looking screenshots for Max Payne 3, which shows off the wonderful lighting and Max Payne’s pressed up against a wall, ready to show the poor

Final Fantasy XII-2 PAX Prime 2011 Trailer

Square Enix has released a new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer for PAX Prime 2011. It features Lightning’s sister, Serah, and a boy named Noel as they try to find out

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Will Have Cross-Play on All but Xbox 360?

Some people out there still have a dream, that all gamers are created equal; that we should all be put on an even playing field and play together peacefully, spraying

Bank Raiding for Plutonium. Just Another Day in RAGE – Video

It’s Friday, and it’s time for your weekly dose of RAGE. Where are we heading out to today? It’s an old bank vault that contains plutonium and Feltrite. It’s not

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC a 30-Day Exclusive on Xbox 360

You know, back in my day we had real console wars. Controllers were whipped around and turned into gamers’ version of a ball and chain, processing blasted, and feelings were

From GameStop to Deus Ex PC Customers: ‘Our Bad, Sorry, Here is a $50 Gift Card’

Just earlier today GameStop HQ released a letter to all retail managers stating that any customer who had purchased a copy of Deus Ex for the PC (before the recall)

Avengers Assemble! Promo Art of the Whole Team

Now this is epic. We have Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner),

Razer Announces the Razer Blade AKA the ‘World’s First Gaming Laptop’

Razer has made some great gaming accessories, some we have even reviewed on our site such as the Naga, the Hydra and the Limited Edition Death Adder Transformers Mice. Now