It’s DC Day Today with the Launch of the ‘New 52’

This is a big day for comic geeks everywhere. It’s the historic renumbering of DC Comics as they launch 52 #1 issues today. What this means is that 52 of DC’s titles are getting a relaunch/reboot. Why relaunch it? This was meant to revitalize DC Comics and also bring in new readers who have never read a comic before. By relaunching it, new readers won’t have to worry about continuity and knowledge on a character’s long backstory. It’s also going to be a new era as the digital and tangible will both be available on the same day.

What’s changing? Will all continuity be gone? Is Batman still Batman? Yes, there are a lot of questions, but I guess we’ll see as the months go by. You can check out the DC New 52 preview for a taste of things to come.

Check out the entire catalog and previews at the DC New 52 site.

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